Specialty Additives Masterbatch

Speciality Additives

Polymer Process Aid (PPA): improve flow, increase productivity, reduce back pressure, improve surface finish and gloss.

Slip additive: to enhance the smoothness of the film, reduce film-to-film adhesion, reduce coefficient of friction.

Antiblock additive: reduces direct contact between adjacent layers of film eliminating film blockage.

Optical Brightener: to enhance the brightness of plastics, improve product gloss and shine.

Ultra Violet Stabilizer (UV): to protect against sun rays, suitable for Green House films, mulch, storage tanks, Chairs and PET bottles.

Dessicant Masterbatch: to eliminate humidity, highly effective with reprocessed PE, reduce gels caused by moisture, reduce need for preheating.

Odor Removal Masterbatch: is engineered to neutralize odors from recycled polymers and waste materials, the smell is completely eliminated with a small dosage applied to LDPE, HDPE and PP without having any effect on processing.

Recycling masterbatch: increases viscosity and improves mechanical properties and reduces MFI of recycled material for better performance.

Fragrance Masterbatches: emits long lasting smell of lemon, vanilla, strawberry and lavender in plastic film mainly trash bags application.

Antifog: for both PP and PE, specially designed to deliver outstanding antifog performance on both hot and cold packaging keeping food looking fresher.

Antistatic masterbatch: reduces dust pick up and surface resistivity of plastics, reduce static charge built up on plastics.

Flame Retardant masterbatch: specifically formulated to be effective against fire initiation.

Antirodent masterbatch: which acts by emitting odor which is unpleasant to rodents, non toxic and emits an unpleasant taste to rodents to keep them away.

Antioxidant: prevent thermal degradation, reduce embrittlement, minimize gel formations, prevents yellowing of plastics.

Clarifying & Nucleating agents: to improve transparency of mainly PP products, improve stiffness.

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