White, Black and Color Masterbatch

Plastiblends India Limited is a part of the KOLSITE GROUP, the plant is based on a state of the art technology and equipped with a fully computerized process controls and computerized gravimetric feeding system. Packing is also done with automatic weighing and bagging system.

Plastiblends is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Master batches and additive compounds with a total manufacturing capacity of more 75000 MT per year.

GDT carries regular stock of more than 40 main colors such as:

  • White in different concentration of TiO2 ranging from 25% to 70% TiO2
  • Black in different concentrations of Carbon black
  • Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, PInk, Violet, Silver and Gold. Our extensive range of in stock colors are available in our hard copy catalogues and we will be happy to cater for your special color needs if required.

The colors shown in GDT color brochure are readily available in GDT warehouse for immediate supply, however there are many more colors we can supply upon request, pls contact us for any inquiry you might have for any specific color.

GDT can take a sample of the specific color you need and match it with existing colors available at Plastiblends warehouse or develop it if need be.

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