Ecofriendly Packaging: Ecobags & Pharmacy bags

GDT Eco-friendly product list details as follows:

Product Dimension Packing
Ecobag 35x60 2Kg/Packet
Ecobag 30x50 2Kg/Packet
Ecobag 25x40 2Kg/Packet
Ecobag 20x35 2Kg/Packet
d2w Pharmacy Bags-11x24 290 bags/packet
d2w Pharmacy Bags-14x28 210 bags / packet
d2w Pharmacy Bags-16x32 145 bags / packet
d2w Pharmacy Bags-23x38 80 bags / packet
d2w Nylon Bags 28x45 1Kg/Packet
d2w Nylon Bags 20x40 1Kg/Packet
d2w Nylon Bags 20x30 1Kg/Packet
d2w PP Bags 12x19 1Kg/Packet
d2w PP Bags 18x25 1Kg/Packet
d2w Clear PS cups 250cc 1000pcs/Box

GDT's strategy is to work with local and global brand owners to look for "Green" alternatives to conventional packaging.

Product Images